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Over the past six years, we had helped a number of servers address the quality of network connections to a particular country or the world,
for example Syuu and CubeCraft in China.

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Easy Solutions for Any Different Network Problem

Due to the Minecraft server area so far or ISPs network unstable, it's possible that some players on the server may not have ideal latency, or even lose packages or even fail to join game; Some servers are under attack and the game cannot play properly, so on...

However don't worry because we have plenty of experience dealing with these situations!

The Professional Network Solutions & Services Organization Founded in 2016

Yingxi Founder

Non-profit and Secure
Light Minecraft Server Network Optimization Service

  • Protect and Optimize Minecraft servers

  • TapX

    TapX, a relay developed by MCTap, can filter abnormal traffic, hide real server IP, prevent network attacks and optimize game server latency.

  • Security

    All data is encrypted and we comply with China's PIPL and Europe's GDPR. MCTap was focused on how we could improve privacy globally.

  • Multicast

    Thanks to "御坂网络®", MCTap provides multi-line access(BGP) to ensure players enter the game with the closest server and the lowest latency.

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The Covered Global Cloud Network

Based on "御坂网络®" Secure and Accelerate Your Minecraft Server. Instantly Access Low-latency and Security Services.

  • Ease of Using MCTap

  • L3 & L4 DDoS Protection

  • Firewall as a Service

  • Smart Routing Interconnect

  • Lower

  • Smarter

  • DDoS

  • Cloud

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TapX by MCTap

It is a complete solution for Minecraft owners

also very important to improve the gaming experience, and your server will have a qualitative leap after TapX acceleration.

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