MCTap’s Privacy Policy

You’re now reading the first version of this document released in Feb. 14th, 2022. This version becomes effective at 00:00 UTC, Feb. 15th, 2022.

Please don’t forget that our official language in Chinese, and this version was translated into English. This copy of the document is just convenient for your reading, and it doesn’t plays a legal role. In case of conflicts and ambiguities with the original text, the original Chinese version of this document prevails.

I. Principles

1. We take user’s privacy very seriously and promise to protect it. This document thoroughly explains how we process your personal data.

2. When you visit our site for the first time, if you agree to abide by the terms explained in the policy for using Cookies, it implies that each time you visit our site, you allow us to use Cookies.

3. When you use our network services for the first time, if you agree to abide by the terms explained in the policy for processing and saving your data, it implies that each time you visit our site, you allow us to process and save your data.

II. About the Copyright

4. The creation of this document based on the SQL Legal template. It is edited by Yingxi and Nyarime, translated by RandomWill, and it’s examined and approved by all members of MCTap.

III. The Collection of Your Personal Data

5. The types of personal information listed here may be collected, saved and put into use:

(1) Information about your PC, including your public IP address, your geographical location, your in-game name, your client type and version, all data in your online game, your browser type and the operating system running on your PC.

(2) Information about your access to our website and the usages of our website and our services, including the source of your traffic, the time you’ve visited our site, your page views and your site navigation path.

(3) Information you’ve filled in during the registration of our website and/or services. E.g., your email address.

(4) Information you’ve filled in during the creation of your profile on our website. E.g., your nickname, your profile picture, your gender, etc.

(5) Information you’ve filled in when you subscribe to our email and/or our newsletter, including your email address, your nickname, and other types of personal information.

(6) Information you’ve filled in when accessing our site and/or using our services.

(7) Information generated when accessing our site and/or using our services, including your usage time, frequency and you network environment.

(8) Information about your purchase and usage of our service and/or information related to transactions through our websites and/or our services, including your in-real-life name, address, phone number, email address and billing details.

(9) The content you post on our website and/or services you tend to post publish to the Internet, including your username, your profile picture and the content you post.

(10) Information you’ve included when communicating with us using email or our website, including the content of the communication and metadata, and/or any personal information you send us.

6. Before revealing any others’ personal information to us, the individual must grant you the permissions to do so according to this policy, after that you can reveal and/or use the personal information of the individual.

IV. The Usage of Your Personal Information

7. The personal information you submit on our website and/or through our services will be used for the purposes described in this policy or the relevant pages of the website and services. We may use your personal information for the purposes listed here:

(1) Managing our website, services and businesses.

(2) Presenting you customized webpages and providing customized services

(3) Providing you with our website and/or services

(4) Sending you the items you purchase on our website

(5) Providing you the service you order on our website

(6) Sending you bills, receipts and payment reminders, and collecting payments from you

(7) Sending you business communications for non-marketing purposes

(8) Sending you notices you specially requested

(9) If you’ve subscribed, you’ll send you our newsletters through email. (If you don’t need these newsletters, you can inform us at any time.)

(10) Providing statistics about our users to third parties. (Third parties won’t be able to recognize any individual users from the statistics.)

(11) Processing your inquiries and/or complaints on our website and/or services.

(12) Ensuring the security of our website and services and preventing scams.

(13) Checking whether our website and services have meet the terms and conditions or not. (Including monitoring private messaged sent by our website and/or private messages delivering service)

(14) Other purposes.

8. If you submit personal information to us to let them be posted on our website and/or services, we’ll post our personal information and use it for other purposes you permit us.

9. You can restrict the publication of your information on our website and services through "privacy settings", and you can adjust this option by using the privacy control on our website and/or services.

10. Without your expressed approval, we won’t provide you personal information to third parties for them to market or for any other third parties to market.

V. Revealing Personal Information

11. We may reveal your personal information to our team members, external professional consultants, agents, suppliers or distributors where reasonable necessary and according to the purposes stated in this policy.

12. We may reveal your information under these listed circumstances:

(1) To the extent required by law

(2) In relation to any ongoing or possible legal proceedings

(3) For acquiring, exercising or protecting our legitimate rights (including providing information to others to prevent scams and to reduce credit risks).

(4) Providing our businesses, asset buyer or potential buyer personal information

(5) We reasonably think that the court or other competent authority may ask us to disclose information to them or other third party.

13. Except for the circumstance that something is otherwise specified in this policy, we won’t provide your personal information to any other third parties.

VI. International Data Transfer

14. The information we collect may be saved, processed and transferred between any country or region where we operate, so we can use the information according to this policy.

15. The data we collected may be transferred to these countries or regions, and the data protection laws in these countries or regions are different from those in Chinese mainland: Hong Kong (SAR), Taiwan (Province of China), the US, Canada, the UK, the EU, Russia, Japan, South Korea and India.

16. The personal information or the information you post or submit on our website or services may be accessible or disseminated globally via the Internet. We aren’t able to promise that others won’t use or abuse the information/data.

17. You expressly agree to the transfer of personal information described in this section.

VII. Keeping Personal Information

18. This section explains our data-keeping policy and procedures, aimed to ensure that we abide by the legal obligation to delete and retain personal information.

19. After informing us that we need to delete your personal information through the contact information you left at the time of registration in written form, your personal information entries you list will be deleted in 7 mainland China working days.

20. Subjecting to the provisions of this section, we’ll still retain the files containing personal information (including electronic files):

(1) To the extent required by law

(2) If we think these files may be related to any ongoing or possible legal proceedings

(3) For acquiring, exercising or protecting our legitimate rights (including providing information to others to prevent scams and to reduce credit risks).

VIII. The Security of Personal Information

21. We’ll employ reasonable techniques and organized preventive measures to prevent personal information from being lost, being abused or being edited.

22. We’ll save all the personal information provided by you on our password and firewall protected servers.

23. All electronic financial transactions completed on our website and services will all be protected by encryption technology.

24. You understand and approve that the information transmission on the Internet is intrinsically unsafe. We can’t guarantee the safety of the data you transmit over the Internet, but we still promise that we’ll do our best to secure your personal information stored in our website and services.

25. You’re responsible for keeping the password of accessing our website and services secret. We won’t ask for the password (except you’re logging in our website and services).

IX. Your rights

26. You can ask us to provide any personal information we have about yourself.

X. Third-party Websites

27. Our website contains hyperlink to third party websites and detailed information. We aren’t able to control the privacy policies of the rules of third-party websites, and we assume no responsibility for this.

XI. Third-party Service Providers

28. Our services uses third-party servers and the third-party service provider & detailed information. We aren’t able to control the privacy policies of the rules of third-party websites, and we assume no responsibility for this.

XII. Updating Your Information

29. If information we have about you needs to be corrected or updated, please inform us. (Including but not limited to: the change of your name, the transition of your gender or the change of your identification number.)

XIII. Revision of This Policy

30. We may often release new versions of this document to update the policy. You should check this page frequently to make sure you understand. We may also inform the changes of this policy by email, the private message delivering system on our website and services, instant messaging platforms and public social platforms.